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Nestlé Health Science tackles age-related cellular decline with Celltrient launch

Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) has released its range of Celltrient nutritional solutions to the healthy aging market. The launch addresses Age-Associated Cellular Decline (AACD), which can lead to reduced daily energy, muscle function, immune support and overall health.

The cellular nutrients in the Celltrient range help replenish nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide (NAD+), which is important for natural energy production, renewing the power plants in muscle cells and replenishing essential building blocks for the protective antioxidant glutathione.

“Cellular nutrition is an emerging space because it looks at aging through a different lens. New science shows that the accumulation of cellular damage over time is the root cause of many ailments associated with aging. There are plenty of temporary fixes available, from hair dyes to anti-aging skin care products, but these don’t address what’s really going on beneath the surface,” a NHSc spokesperson tells.

The spokesperson notes that today’s older consumers have a less passive attitude to aging compared to previous generations. “[Seniors] are more purposeful and proactive in their approach to continue living at their best.”

According to the World Health Organization, the number of people worldwide aged 65 years and over has outnumbered children under the age of 5 for the first time in history.

This launch arrives a few months after NHSc first bought the exclusive rights to ChromaDex’s TruNiagen nicotinamide riboside (NR), which is featured in some of the offerings.

Three new supplements
Available in beverage and supplement form, the Celltrient range provides three core benefits depending on individual needs, including:

  • Celltrient Cellular Protect: Provides a patented blend of glycine and N-acetyl cysteine that helps replenish amino acids important for making glutathione. The resulting antioxidant acts as a natural cell defender against toxins and free radical damage.
  • Celltrient Cellular Energy: Features TruNiagen NR, which boosts NAD+ to help renew the cells’ natural ability to produce daily energy.
  • Celltrient Cellular Strength: Includes the cellular nutrient Mitopure Urolithin A (UA), which helps activate the renewal of mitochondria in muscles through a natural process called mitophagy.
  • Embracing individuality is currently trending, the spokesperson points out. “It is a personal journey, where ‘gaps’ emerge at different times and grow at different rates for different people.”Customers can choose between capsules and ready-to-mix powder pouches, available in lemon, orange, cherry, cranberry and raspberry flavors. Celltrient’s online website also offers a product recommending service to help consumers determine their specific needs and make a targeted selection between the three products. This move taps into both the vast personalization trend. While the sector has been enjoying rapid expansion, there have been concerns that companies may be getting away with grouping consumers for specific products instead of providing individuals with bespoke solutions.Building a cellular nutrient portfolio
    The addition of TruNiagen and Mitopure in the Celltrient product range builds upon NHSc’s previous strategic endeavors in cellular nutrition. NHSc first joined forces with Amazentis, the creator of Mitopure, to develop the cellular nutrient Urolithin A last year. The F&B giant took an equity stake in Amazentis and received global rights to use Amazentis’ patented Urolithin A.
  • Amazentis then commercialized its highly pure Urolithin nutrient in July this year, targeting AACD and muscle strength.Moves in cellular health
    AACD is a “relatively new area of understanding,” says NHSc. Last month, the company launched an educational platform to drive awareness on AACD. The new website consolidates important scientific discovery advances in real-time that show how cellular health plays a key role in why and how we age.NHSc, however, is not the only company to tap into the cellular health trend. In April, Swiss-based company Caviarlieri created an “age-defying” caviar supplement with high omega 3 concentrations known for cellular repair against damaged cells.In the same month, Cell Science Systems saw “tremendous interest” in its preventive medical lab tests that measure how the immune system responds to foods, nutrients and other substances to create a personalized diet and health plan.Cellular nutrition falls into the wider scope of healthy aging, which is showing no signs of halting. At Vitafoods Virtual Expo last month, experts shared with NutritionInsight that the healthy aging sector is going beyond senior consumers and targets preventative care.



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