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Arla launches natural whey protein for skyr products

Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) has developed a natural whey protein ingredient for skyr, its protein-rich yogurt line. The ingredient, Nutrilac YO-4575, was specifically designed to increase creamy mouthfeel and fresh taste in high-viscosity fermented products such as skyr. This launch comes as skyr is moving out of the niche category and more into the mainstream, says Torben Jensen, Category Manager for Fresh Dairy Products at AFI, who affirms that skyr, therefore, must continue to satisfy consumer needs.

“Manufacturers are looking to capitalize on the huge potential of skyr. Therefore, it needs to be able to meet consumer preferences on flavor, texture and appearance. Nutrilac YO-4575 consistently delivers a creamy mouthfeel, optimum texture and fresh taste, allowing brands to satisfy consumer needs and unlock the full potential of skyr,” Jensen explains.

A recent AFI survey found that European consumers regard skyr as a novel alternative to yogurt. It also showed that they want a smooth and creamy mouthfeel with less dryness, a balanced fresh flavor and a shiny, homogeneous appearance.

Nutrilac YO-4575 addresses such issues with poor creaminess, grainy texture and sour taste, which have made it hard for skyr manufacturers to meet these needs in the past. It also helps with meeting consumers’ expectations with texture, a rising trend in the food industry.

Nutrilac as a whey protein ingredient solution comes in various applications. Similarly to YO-4575, Nutrilac YO-5088 was designed to be added to on-the-go drinking yogurts that offer great taste and high levels of satiety to today’s busy and health-conscious consumers. Outside of the yogurt sector, AFI has also used Nutrilac as an egg replacer for cake recipes and an accelerator for cream cheese production.

Also active in the whey protein space, AFI’s Lacprodan HYDRO.PowerPro responds to consumer demands for a less bitter product, as it is 50 percent less bitter than comparable products with a similar degree of hydrolysis of 21 to 27 percent, the company says.



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