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Pure Leaf betting on hibiscus with four new herbal iced teas

Unilever and PepsiCo will release a line of premium herbal iced teas as part of its Pure Leaf brand in the US.

The new range consists of three different flavours, all drawing on the hibiscus flower, which has already been touted as a potential flavour of 2019. There’s mango-hibiscus, peach-hibiscus and cherry-hibiscus – all naturally caffeine-free, and containing between 100kcal and 110kcal per serving.

The drinks are made from real-brewed hibiscus tea and natural fruit flavours, and will be available through Unilever’s tea joint-venture with PepsiCo.

Pure Leaf tea master Amy Tran said: “We’re excited to bring real-brewed hibiscus iced tea to all of the places you buy your favourite beverage. We’ve listened to feedback from our iced tea lovers, who shared that they love the quality and real-brewed taste that’s synonymous with Pure Leaf, but also wanted a naturally caffeine-free option that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.”

Unilever introduced the Pure Leaf brand as a premium offering in 2017, before adding new flavours such as matcha green tea later in the year.

The herbal iced teas will be available through retailers US-wide, and through e-commerce, at a suggested retail price of approximately $1.99 for an 18.5oz single-serve bottle.

Multi-packs of the mango variant are available for a suggested retail price of $6.29 for six 16.9oz bottles, and there will also a large 59oz hibiscus lemonade and mango-hibiscus bottle available in the chilled aisle.

Pure Leaf is also taking advantage of the opportunity within hibiscus by adding a new variant to its Tea House Collection, containing hibiscus, passionfruit and pineapple.

The launch will be supported with a new advertising campaign featuring print ads and a TV commercial, which is airing now.



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