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rbST free: Kraft Heinz launches Natural Cheese range made from milk without the artificial hormone

Kraft Heinz has launched Kraft Natural Cheese, made with milk from cows raised without the artificial growth hormone rbST.

The company notes that the artificial growth hormone rbST can be given to cows to help increase milk production. However, no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated and non-rbST-treated cows, says Kraft Heinz.The Kraft Natural Cheese range includes shredded cheese, natural slices, blocks and snacking cheese.

Since Kraft Heinz first began selling cheese in 1903, the brand expanded from Kraft Natural Cheese to include Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Kraft Singles, Kraft Mayo, Kraft Salad Dressing and Kraft BBQ Sauce.

“Everything we do at Kraft revolves around the families that love our cheese and what we can do to delight our consumers,” comments Anne Field, Director of Brand Building for Kraft. “Our goal is to give families Kraft cheese the way it should be, with the same great taste and without the artificial hormone rbST at no additional cost. As the number 1 national brand of cheese in the homes of American families, we’re excited to give people another reason to love us.”

Field says: “We are continually listening to consumers and addressing their wants and needs, which includes an ongoing assessment of our other products.”

“Kraft Heinz is constantly evaluating the wants and needs of those who purchase our products.”

“Furthermore, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback when we asked consumers how they feel about Kraft Natural Cheese without the artificial growth hormone rbST.”

“This change and announcement have been in the works for a few years and every change comes with challenges. The Kraft cheese portfolio spans a vast amount of varieties and forms, so a large amount of diligence has been required to make this transition across the portfolio,” she concludes.



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